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UK DATA CENTER : 24 Clarence Street, Bowburn, Durham, Dh6 5BB, UK

Data Center is connected to the Internet with highly redundant network through multiple Gigabit backbones having multiple peering with other networks.

Hardware Guarantee

Servers deployed at the Data Center includes hardware replacement guarantee. In case of any hardware failure, the hardware is immediately replaced.

Data center located inside its own secure compound, with 2.4 and 3 meter fencing and electric gate entry Equipped & monitored round the clock with closed circuits. Strict access controls are implemented including surveillance cameras, finger-print as well as Keycard system in order to manage entries.

Electrical Capacity
Equal Power distribution (60 watts per sq. ft.- 80 watts per sq. ft). Each cabinet 4' x 6' gets 110 volt, 20 amp circuit. The main power sums up to 480 volt, 3 phase. power supplies are now also activated in Multiple DC.


In the unlikely event of a power outage from local power grid, all data centers' power systems are designed to run uninterrupted with the help of Two 2000KW auto-switched power generators and centralized UPS systems. Generators are regularly tested & can be used in emergency event of extended utility power outages.

Precision Environment

Computerized Fully master-planned rise system / HVAC pipe system / Electrically monitoration. HVAC (Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning) systems are N+1 redundant, ensuring that a duplicate system can immediately come online in the event of an HVAC system failure.

Fire Protection System

Wet Risers set in at every square position.FM-200 system is installed. The advanced fire protection system prevents fires from spreading in the unlikely event one should occur.

Technical Specifications
  • Own 5mW on-site sub-station
  • 2.5mW backup on-site sub-station
  • Perkins generator connected via ATS systems
  • 2 seperate fibre duct points into the building
  • N+1 PowerWave UPS system
  • N+1 Airedale Air Handling system
  • ~20c +/- 2c data floor temperature
  • 16 Amp feed per equipment rack
  • 24x7 secure entry via PAC-TAG system, with 4 layer entry
  • 24x7 qualified engineers available for remote hands service
  • 450mm heavy duty raised data flooring

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